Chiang Mai: The Jewel

If you are the one who loves to travel or one who wants to get relax from their schedule or one who like to visit historical places, National park, Adventures, etc. then Chiang Mai will be going to your best travel destination.

How to reach Chiang Mai?

For those short on time, there is an airport that services both international and domestic flights, from Bangkok flight, run almost hourly. In case you have a wish to get the feel of the surrounding area and see the just how beautiful it indeed is, then preferred transportation through train or buses that run daily from Bangkok and other major cities in South East Asia. We prefer you to travel via train to   experience the essence, beauty, and geography of the countryside area

Places to visit

The city has a lot of options and can provide the entreats of street food, making food, visits to religious sites like the temples while not forgetting to experience the perfection of nature’s environment and the adorable animals. There is never going to end of the list. Below, check out the file you must visit when lingering around the place

WatDoiSuthep is a temple on the top of the mountain, and its shrine of central importance and location has become a touristy slot as well mainly due to the seated Buddha art. The exciting part is the hiking part which can be enjoyed while going up the temple or either by a songthaew or a rented motorbike.


  • War Chedi Liang

This one is a beautiful and haunting place we found, it was damaged during an earthquake in 1545, but still remarkable today, you can still see massive elephant carvings that adorn it.

  • Gate Market of Chiang Mia

Here we found the best street food ever. Almost all the vendors who are doing their job in the late hours and night put up their stalls from pad Krapow and sell the mouth-watering dishes like the meat and basil in its spiced form, and the coconut milk laced sticky mango rice.

Where to stay?

We were initially worried about our stay, but at this place, you can easily reach from one place to another because they have better transportation and their citizens are also well cultured. The old city of Chiang Maire now comes to be regarded as the most popular stay among visitors.

At the same time, Chiang Mai is a cheaper city so that you can find hotels or guest house with best facilities at a more reasonable rate compared to your other travel diaries.