Churchill: Exploring The Small Town Attractions

Did you know that Churchill is called the Polar Bear capital of the world? The chilly winters of this city are surely something that you need to experience. There is so much to and see that you will not feel disappointed. It has more to offer than just the polar bears. Here are some of the best things to do in Churchill.

  • Beluga Whale Tour

Do you want to do something different? Go on a Beluga Whale tour. Watching this marine animal has been a thrilling experience. You will have to take a boat ride for watching these whales, If this isn’t enough. You can go snorkeling with the whales. Sounds like fun? I was surprised to find out from our guide that Hudson Bay is home to more than 20,000 whales. Whaling adventure is surely something that you should not miss out on.

  • Sea kayak along with beluga whales

Round off your beluga experience with the sea kayaking by heading to the Hudson Bay estuary. You can paddle toward the beluga whales and you cannot simply miss them. I had packed some food to enjoy the view and keep myself full. Simply sit on the calm water and relax. Sing up some storm or tap on the kayak to make the whales come out to the top.

  • Check out the polar bears

Visiting Churchill and not checking out polar bears are going to be a big mistake. Bears are mostly to be seen around the months of October to November but you can see them in summer too. Click some photos to keep them as memories.

  • Go sled dogging

Do not forget this when you are in Churchill. During summertime, the dog teams pull carts and in winter time dog sleds. This is adrenaline rush ride proved to be a great experience.