Da Nang – The City of Bridges

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Da Nang is a coastal city that faces the South China Sea. Located across the Hàn River estuary, the city is a beach paradise. During the spring and the autumn months, the place attracts thousands of tourists from Asia and other continents. The place has several beach resorts, restaurants, and shopping streets that can keep you indulged for days. It is also known for its beautiful bridges. Our weekend stay at Da Nang was quite exciting and adventurous. The 3 destinations listed below were the highlights of our holiday.

The Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains is a beautiful cluster of hills located in the district of Ngu Hanh Son. The mountains, each named after 5 elements, are made of limestone and marble. The place is a paradise for explorers who enjoy trekking. There are many natural caves and tunnels that made our expedition truly adventurous. The place has an amazing collection of religious grottoes and we also came across a few Buddhist Sanctuaries. 

Lady Buddha

Lady Buddha is the iconic monument of the city. The 67-meter statute offers a mesmerizing sight. There are multiple temples decorated with magnificent carvings and statutes. The entire place is surrounded by beautiful gardens with lots of flowers. You can also find a display of incredible bonsai trees and a small lotus pond. There are lots of recreational facilities so that visitors can spend time praying and sightseeing. The place offers free entrance to all.

Golden Bridge

Located near the Ba Na Hills, the magnificent Golden Bridge is yet another popular spot in the city that attracts thousands of tourists. Two giant hands made of rocks hold the bridge which is 150 meters long. The views from the bridge are breathtakingly beautiful and cover the entire city and the nearby areas. The entrance fee for per person was 600,000 VDN.