Florence: The City You Must Visit In Italy

I went to Florence after visiting Rome as it is at the heart of the major highways and railways of Italy. It is one of the best Italian cities. I stayed at Hotel Benvenuti. One may prefer to stay at Academy Hostel or Plus Florence. I visited the Uffizi Gallery which is open only for limited hours. After that, I went to see the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, which is an iconic sight. I also went to Brunelleschi’s cupola where one can climb inside the cupola and see the famous ceiling fresco. Besides, it is Baptistry, which is an impressive octagonal building. It has the impressive 12th century ceiling mosaic and is the same place where Dante was baptized.

I had my lunch at Mr. Pizza as advised by a local there. The pizzas were fresh and were served quickly. I then went to Piazza del Signoria which has a special significance as Florence’s main square. It is the same place where the Bonfire of Vanities took place. It also has a fountain of Neptune that is quite amazing.

I also visited the Palazzo Vecchio Museum and Vecchio Bridge. Vecchio Bridge was designed in 1345 and during medieval times was filled with butchers. Nowadays the bridge is full of jewelers and is a pleasant place and at times the crowd can be dense. I also saw the Vasari corridor, built for Cosimo and is a kilometer long from the Pitti Palace to Piazza del Signoria. I had my dinner at Le Fonticine. It is near the main train station and serves satisfying Tuscan food.  It is recommended that you visit this place for at least one week when you come for the holiday.

Then the next day I visited Santa Maria Novella that had an ornate exterior and striking interior. The church is amazing in its grandiose. Thus, my trip ended.