Ibarra: If You Are For A Romantic Getaway, Then This Is The Place

Last weekend, I went on a trip to Ibarra with my friend Kathy. It is a wonderful city situated in Ecuador. We took a road trip to Ibarra.  It is the capital of Imbabura Province. We checked into a hostel, Hostal del Rio.  We then went to El Quinde Café for a quick bite. It is owned by a Colombian couple and serves locally grown coffee, rich in flavor and cakes and pastries. Then we went to Parque La Merced which is also known as Penaherrera. It is the city’s main plaza and was built in the 19th century.

There is an Iglesia de la Merced which is an altar covered with gold leaf. The altar is for the Virgen de la Merced who was a saint of the armed forces. They conduct special mass in the church for the remembrance of the victims and the survivors of the 1868 earthquake. We spent the afternoon exploring Museo Arquelogico y Etnografico Atahualpa. There were several galleries with pre-Columbian artifacts.

There were ceramic sculptures and armaments and deformed skulls from the Caranqui. We then went to Comedores which sell the specialty sweets. We even visited Heladeria Rosalia Suarez that serves the best ice cream. It was discovered by Rosalia Suarez in 1897 and now is run by her grandson. They serve helados de paila, that are sorbets made from pure tropical fruit juices and egg whites. We then went to Café Arte.

As it was a Saturday, they were having a live music show starting at 10 PM. The music ranged from jazz to flamenco and rock. It was a pleasant experience.

The next morning we went to Olor a Café for breakfast. We had burgers, Thai chicken with soy pasta and filet mignon. They even serve sandwiches, coffee, and pastries. Then we left for homes. It was a wonderful experience.