London: The City Of Dreams

The capital city of England is known for its ‘Big Ben clock tower, River Thames, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace’, and many more. London has a huge history and hence different buildings from the different era can be found. London is the world’s cultural capital experiences maximum international arrivals. It is one of the most visited cities by the tourists in the world. Hence, the air transportation service is really great. I heard about London, its culture and architecture a lot, which made me too curious to visit the place and experience the magic myself. And it indeed was very diverting and amazing that I didn’t even realize how my vacations got over. It felt like passing just in a blink.


  • Big Ben The Clock Tower


It is a large clock tower present in the palace of Westminster. It is a 4 faced clock, and it chimes. The huge tower which was renamed to Elizabeth tower clearly reflects the Gothic revival architecture of those times.


  • Westminster Palace


The beautiful palace with the splendid view of the river Thames and the Westminster Bridge is worth visiting. It is the meeting place of the 2 houses i.e. House of Commons and house of the lord.


  • London Eye


London eye is the most amazing and the tallest ferries wheel in entire Europe. It was a mind-blowing experience; it gave me chills and thrills when I reached the top. I even got goose-bumps, but the views from that height were breathtaking.


  • Buckingham Palace


The center of attraction of London, Buckingham Palace is the most visited and must-see spot in London. It is London residence and the main gathering point for any national celebration. Also, it is the administrative headquarters.

London is so beautiful and engaging. There are many other places such as the British Museum, Notting hills, tower of London, Hyde Park etc. London is so huge and has so many places to visit, I got tired of wandering in the city amazement, but there were still more places left to see.