Welcome To The Valley Of Vilcabamba Ecuador

Vilcabamba Ecuador is located in the south part of Ecuador, in Loja province. This beautiful valley is known to be the “Playground on the Inca” as it was known to be used as a retreat by Incan royalty.

The first thing that catches our eye as we enter this valley is its beautiful mountain called Mandango. Mandango, the sleeping Inca, is widely known as a mountain that protects the valley from earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Before we explore the other beauties of this valley, let’s see how to reach Vilcabamba Ecuador.

How to reach by air?

This enchanting valley can be reached by air from Quito Airport to Loja or Catamayo Airport which is the closest airport from Vilcabamba.

Another way to reach Vilcabamba is through land via Quito – Loja – Vilcabamba – Izhcayluma route. The travel to Vilcabamba through this route usually takes 13hrs.


We spent around INR 5000 plus to get a decent 3Star hotel at Vilcabamba Ecuador.

Tourist attraction

There are various must visit places in this enchanting valley. The list is obviously an endless one.

Let’s us dig into few.


  • Rumi Wilco Nature Reserve


Vilacamba welcomes you to experience nature and also stay with it. At Rumi Wilco, you can enjoy both nature and lodging at the same place and time. It is known to be a must visit place for eco-lovers and earth travelers.


  • Cerro Mandango


This is the best hiking trail you can go and enjoy in Ecuador. You are sure to discover the beautiful view as you slowly climb Mandango, the sleeping God.


  • Quinara


Experience the bliss at Quinara as the beauty and peace emerge.

Best time to visit

Vilcabamba Ecuador has two seasons, which is rainy and a dry season. Rainy weather starts from the month of October to May and dry weather from June until September. Both the season has its own beauty, so one can visit the valley at any time.