Why You should Visit Kandahar?

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I was quite skeptical to visit Kandahar in Afghanistan as I have heard that it was the place for terrorist activities. But, with the ouster of the Taliban forces and violence at its lowest peak in the city, I did make up my mind to visit the city as I have heard a lot of good things about the sights and sounds this second largest city beholds. I was told about this city from an old friend who is now a chiropractor in Anchorage.  He had mentioned this in passing the last time we spoke and said it would be a great place to visit.  I would like to emphasize that it was a brilliant decision as this is a city that should never be missed by any avid tourist.

Major Attractions to See in Kandahar


  • Sacred Cloak Mosque


I was told to visit by my Kandahar tourist guide not to miss the Sacred Cloak Mosque. The most trusted cloak of Prophet Mohamed is housed here. It is not on show for the visitor, but to say that you were at this historic site itself means a lot. The mosque is very impressive with green marble, mirrored tiles, and ornate archways.


  • Ahmed Shah Durrani Museum


At the back of Sacred Cloak Mosque is the mausoleum of Ahmed Shah Durrani. He was the one who created modern-day Afghanistan. It is a major attraction as it has an octagonal design and is ornately decorated.


  • Ahmad Shahi Fort


This fort surrounds the city of Kandahar. It has six huge entrances and surrounds the cot in a rectangle shape. There are high towers in this fort that are over 100 meters tall.


  • Chehal Zena


I loved the attractive looking staircase that leads to the top of this historical site located on a hilltop in Northern Kandahar. The corridor of this site is a treat to the eyes and was designed by Masoum Kandahari.


  • Eid Gah Mosque


This huge mosque is located about 25 meters adjacent to the Kandahar University. It can harbor divine followers at one time. It is a very attractive mosque with great design and artwork.